10" Floor buffing Blue semi abrasive wet scrub/hygiene pads

10" Floor buffing Blue semi abrasive wet scrub/hygiene pads

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10" Floor buffing Blue semi abrasive wet scrub/hygiene pads


Heavy duty scrub pads for buffers and scrubbers.

Blue Floor Pad. A medium abrasive floor pad, perfect for moderate scrubbing or heavy spray/wet cleaning of floors prior to burnishing and polishing. Blue pads can easily remove dirt and scuff marks when used on heavily soiled floors leaving clean and scuff free, very useful, and can be used also, for wet scrubbing surfaces and spray cleaning, works well cleaning school floors and delicate floor surfaces as less aggressive than green scrub pad.

Blue and green scrubbing pads are not as heavy as black or brown pads, but will still remove heavy soils and marks. However, they are also likely to take a thin top layer off emulsion polishes, leaving a dull surface perfect for recoating and burnishing. Both may be used wet, the blue pad is also good for ‘spray cleaning’ which is an excellent maintenance technique and uses much less water than wet scrubbing. Both scrubbing and spray cleaning will remove medium levels of soil but will not remove all the polish. These pads are both suitable for high-speed applications (300-500 rpm) but not ultra-high speed use. They should not be used for burnishing as they are too abrasive and will spoil and remove the surface of the polish.

Each pad is designed and constructed to provide thorough and continuous contact with floor surface. Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and permits faster pad cleaning under running water.

Can be used both sides without compromising efficiency of the pad. Extend life of pad by forcing out small centre pad and using with clean water to clean the main pad, then hang to dry.