Machines2clean stocks an extensive range of spare parts, tools & accessories for most cleaning machines types, including:

hoses, floor tools, dustbags, cables, filters, industrial vacuum accessories, floor pads, brushes, pad holders, squeegee rubbers, vac motors, batteries & battery chargers. 

In stock are literally thousands of spare parts, tools & accessories, there are, just a few too many to list, on our site, 

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  • 10" Floor buffing Black aggressive stripping pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN   SALES SERVICE HIRE Heavy duty scrub pads for buffers and scrubbers. Highly abrasive, aggressive in removing floor polishes and finishes to prepare for re-finishing, the coarsest type of pads available, with heavy fibres, an open weave to prevent clogging or loading, ..
    £10.00 Excl VAT
  • 11" Floor buffing White high shine cleaning/hygiene pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Floor shine pads suited to ultra high speed. The mildest floor pad. For dry burnishing or buffing of soft floor dressing. Will burnish a polished floor to a high shine. Only use on a clean floor, this is polishing only. Can be used on a Ultra-High-Speed bur..
    £11.00 Excl VAT
  • 11" Floor buffing Tan shine/gloss/polishing/cleaning/hygiene pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE Mild polish pad for dry buff soft floor finishes. A mild polishing pad. Generally would be used dry for dry burnishing, is ideal for polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre. Very mild, won't damage even the softest of dressing..
    £11.00 Excl VAT
  • 11" Floor buffing Red shine/gloss/polishing/maintenance cleaning/hygiene pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN    SALES SERVICE HIRE Wet spray buffing light duty floor scrubbing. Red Floor Pad.  Ideal for dry buffing, wet spray buffing and light duty scrubbing. Cleans when damp, buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks and light dirt while polishing floo..
    £11.00 Excl VAT
  • 11" Floor buffing Green scrub maintenance cleaning/hygiene pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN    SALES SERVICE HIRE Heavy duty wet scrubbing pad renovate surfaces. Heavy duty wet scrubbing pad. Ideal for "knocking-back" polish before recoating or use for renovating worn or damaged floor finishes, like wax, resulting in, a fresh new surface, ready for ..
    £11.00 Excl VAT
  • 11" Floor buffing Blue semi abrasive wet scrub/hygiene pads
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Medium abrasive floor pad wet scrub spray clean Blue Floor Pad. A medium abrasive floor pad, perfect for spray cleaning. Blue pads can easily remove dirt and scuff marks when used on heavily soiled floors leaving clean and scuff free, very useful, and can be u..
    £11.00 Excl VAT