ACCESSORY industrial vacuums KEVAC / NILFISK

Accessories for industrial vacuums including Kevac and Nilfisk:

Reducers, splitters, (incl. air inlet type) extenders, sleeves, connectors (quick) fittings and drum cap filler 40-100mm zinc & stainless (ATEX-rated) steel types.

Hoses 40-100mm incl. antistatic conductive EVA hose, flex hose, air hose, polyurethane, no-toxic, silicone, steel and oil-proof.

Hose supports.

S-tube and extension poles 40-100mm incl. handgrip types and air inlet adjusting, chrome, aluminium, carbon and stainless steel.

Nozzles/bristle brushes nylon/silicone/rubber lips, incl. stainless steel and oven nozzles 40-100mm x 300-700mm also pipe-cleaning bristle brush also food-grade bristle brush and conductive nylon (ATEX) steel bristle brush.

Lips kits replacement rubber/silicone/bristle lips kits for floor nozzles.

Cones rubber, silicone, oil-proof, antistatic incl. tapered-type, to fit reducers, connectors, sleeves hose junctions.

Crevice (flat) tools 40-70mm, zinc, stainless steel (ATEX), PVC, rubber bent horizontal/vertical.

Cyclonic deflectors for liquids, zinc or stainless steel finish.

Grates, valves, swarf basket.

Pre-separators incl. tilted and cyclonic versions up to 600L 50-100mm capacity, painted / stainless steel-pharma finish (incandescent materials/ATEX)

Lids incl. cyclonic type & liquids, painted and stainless steel (ATEX)

Bin/receptacles 25-175L capacities painted/stainless steel.

Vacuum motors 1 -1,1kW 230V/120V 50/60Hz twin stage by-pass single-phase vacuum unit.

Brushes for single phase vacuum unit.

Filters (STAR) food-grade polyester/antistatic ATEX polyester/polyurethane injected, PTFE, Nomex and polypropylene.

Bag filters food-grade polyester/antistatic ATEX polyester/polyurethane injected, PTFE antistatic, nylon for oil types

Filter ring/clamps/coupling gaskets zinc/stainless steel finish including gaskets, rubber, silicone, oil-proof rubber.

Antistatic polyester filter including PTFE and food-grade

Upstream/downstream absolute filter cartridges, fittings and kits.

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  • ACCESSORY Reducer zinc-finish steel dia.50/40mm M900003
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE M2C900003 Reducer zinc/steel 50/40mm                                                               ..
    £15.05 Excl VAT
  • ACCESSORY Reducer dia.70/40MM M2C900004
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE M2C900004 reducer zinc/steel 70/40 mm Reducer accessory for use with industrial vacuum appliances with 70mm dia. outlet for attaching 50mm hose for suction steel with zinc finish, diameter 70/40 ..
    £23.11 Excl VAT
  • ACCESSORY Reducer dia.70/50 mm M2C900005
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE M2C900005 reducer zinc/steel 70/50mm Reducer accessory for use with industrial vacuum appliances with 70mm dia. outlet for attaching 50mm hose for suction steel with zinc finish, diameter 70/50 ..
    £20.82 Excl VAT
  • ACCESSORY Reducer zinc finish steel dia.100/50mm M2C900007
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE  M2C900007 reducer zinc/steel 100/50mm Reducer industrial vacuum accessory 100-50mm zinc-finish steel, hose extraction vacuum fitting pick-up hoover appliance connector fitting accessory cleaning machine, dust-dirt-oils-SWARF-liquids-collector-hygien..
    £37.06 Excl VAT
  • ACCESSORY Reducer dia.100/70mm M2C900008
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE M2C900008 reducer zinc/steel 100/70mm Reducer industrial vacuum accessory 100-70mm zinc-finish steel, hose extraction vacuum fitting pick-up hoover appliance connector fitting accessor..
    £34.67 Excl VAT
  • ACCESSORY Reducer dia.50/40mm ATEX M2C900010
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE M2C900010 reducer ATEX 50/40mm stainless steel. Reducer ATEX (SAFETY) rated, stainless steel reducer, connect from industrial vacuum appliance to hose diameter 50/40mm. ..
    £43.93 Excl VAT