Osprey steam cleaners

What is a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is an appliance that heats water in a self-contained boiler powered by using electricity, this steam is then pressurised to sanitise, clean and deodorise virtually any surface.

What are benefits of using dry steam cleaners?

They are eco-friendly in using only water and heat to clean. They don’t leave behind toxic residue or stain clothing like some cleaning agents can.

They kill bacteria and germs. Bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella are killed upon contact with the use of steam cleaners, as well as viruses, mildew, and dust mites. They are very versatile and with the right attachments can be used nearly anywhere on any surface.

Eliminates allergy triggers such as smoking, dust and dust mites, chemical residue, plants, animals, mould and mildew, and food.

With no hazardous chemicals being used, steam cleaners are safe for the chemically sensitive to use, saves money, and helps the environment.

In short our Steam Cleaners... 

  • Save You Time: Steam cleaning is quick and efficient.
  • Save You Money: No need to purchase other products for steam cleaning and in most cases no extra cost for chemicals.
  • offer Hygienic Cleaning: No leftover chemicals or water remain on the appliance.
  • provide a Healthier Clean: No harsh chemicals affecting you or your cleaning space.
  • are Versatile: Steam can be applied to a multiple of surfaces.
  • are Environmentally Friendly: Steam uses no cleaning agents and requires only a very low water consumption.

The Robby® range of domestic and light commercial dry steamers are ideal for maintaining good housekeeping hygiene. Most are direct fill machines meaning they can clean and sanitise for up to approx 90 minutes in one go.  

Surfaces are easily sanitised and de-greased without any harsh chemical products.  All machines are supplied with a full range of accessories for any cleaning task.

The SteamCare® Range are powerful and robust steam cleaners specifically designed and manufactured for a multitude of cleaning tasks within a hospitality or healthcare environment.

The SteamForce® Range - the ultimate professional steam cleaners - Ideal for the most demanding of industrial and degreasing applications. A no nonsense range of powerful dry steam machines for a multitude of different environments, uniform stainless steel housing ensures each machine is compact in physical size yet tough and robust enough for the biggest of cleaning challenges. 

Cleaning up the Streets, Piece by Piece!

GumBusters Logo
OspreyDeepclean introduced the world's first steam powered gum removal machine over 20 years ago with the pioneering 'DeepClean'.
Since this inception we went on to develop another world's first - gum removal machines powered by batteries, with the the GB Eco & GB1. Increasing the usage and portability of our machines ensure there are no hiding places left for gum, powerful, reliable, and cost-effective, and simply utilise cold clean tap water to create powerful steam. When combined with an environmentally friendly, water-based detergent, they produce amazing results.

Which type of surfaces are suitable for steam cleaning?

Vapour steam cleaning can be used on almost any hard or soft surface including: hardwood floors, counter tops, bathrooms, windows, grout, tile, upholstered furniture, curtains, bed spreads, auto interiors, and even stuffed animals. Most steam vapour cleaners come with a variety of attachments for different types of cleaning jobs.

When steaming carpets or upholstered furniture, wait until the surface is dry (about 15 minutes) and then vacuum with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dead dust mites and other dirt the steam cleaner loosened and pulled to the surface.

If you are using vapour steam cleaning on carpet, follow with a HEPA vacuum cleaner after it is dry to remove the waste that the vapour steam cleaner loosened and released during cleaning. Most steam cleaners have no method, other than cloths or bonnets, to extract debris.


Steam cleaners will loosen dirt and baked-on mess. They work so well because the heat from the steam emulsifies the dirt, coupled with light agitation from a brush or mop lifts the emulsified soiling away from the surface. A final wipe with a microfibre cloth results in a clean, sanitised surface.

Conventional vs Steam Cleaning
OspreyDeepclean; the leading force in steam cleaning technology.


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  • Osprey DC SF DeCon fogging applicator (SANITIZING APPLICATOR)
    £96.90 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DC ROBBY JUMBO M6103
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Dissolve grime from surfaces instantly. Powerful dry steam from a compact machine! Ideally suited to domestic and light commercial environments the Robby Jumbo gives a professional service every time!  Powerful dry steam sanitise..
    £205.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DC ROBBY 3000 M0134
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Steam hygiene clean, kitchen, shower, bedding and car! Robby 3000 240V steam cleaning machine making cleaning and fresh sanitising simple and effortless for almost any surface, almost anywhere. Environmentally-friendly TAP WATER ONLY, st..
    £761.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DC Robby 6000 incl. trolley(UK only) M0145
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE Tough on grease/grime... gentle on surfaces ·Hygienically clean and dry many surfaces within home or caravan, kitchen, bathroom, vehicle, soft furnishings, etc saving time and cost without leaving unhygienic residue. ·CLEAN, DEGREAS..
    £1,259.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DC ROBBY STEAM & VAC M0172
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE Housekeeping surfaces hygiene and sanitising steam.  The Robby Steam & Vac is a Hygienic Steam & Vacuum machine and can be used to clean a wide range of environments. Plus, the vacuum does not require a dust bag, but instead uses a water fil..
    £1,122.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DC GB1 M6072
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Unstick gum and dissolve! Inside/outside, quick and safe. GB1-Gumbuster removal - Use anywhere, anytime (6hr battery life). Watch the product on our YouTube channel. Open a new browser window, copy link below and paste, or, simply, highl..
    £5,297.00 Excl VAT