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Machines2clean helps strengthen your competitive position by providing you, professional and innovative cleaning solutions. As your reliable partner, we can help you optimise performance and productivity, reduce operational costs, and meet your changing needs by offering a broad range of cleaning machines from many manufacturers, we can also offer flexible machine servicing packages to match your needs.

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  • FIMAP BMg SANITISING rider floor clean machine
    MACHINES2CLEAN RIDE-ON SANITISING FLOOR SPACES BMg Sanitizer MACHINE FOR SANITIZING FLOORS BMg Sanitizer is the professional solution for sanitizing floors in a fast and effective manner! A group of nozzles installed at the rear of the machine vaporizes the disinfectan..
    £8,990.00 Excl VAT
  • Fimap KSANEX SANITISING machine
    MACHINES2CLEAN   Equipment for sanitizing small environments KSANEX is intended for indoor atomisation of sanitising products. The products are atomised in such a way to guarantee long lasting and evenly spread effect in the air so that they reach and sanitise all surfaces. With..
    £2,013.00 Excl VAT
  • Fimap MMg SANITISING rider floor clean machine
    MACHINES2CLEAN                       SANITISE DISINFECTION of large floor spaces QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY - RIDE-ON                                ..
    £10,990.00 Excl VAT
  • Karcher  PW 10/2 inc PW 30/1
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM The powerful Puzzi 10/2 spray-extraction cleaner provides new levels of convenience and ease of use, thanks to a host of design features all intended to make carpet and upholstery cleaning more productive and therefore quicker and at lower cost. The Puzzi 10/2's 2 bar spray pre..
    £1,320.00 Excl VAT
  • Kevac KM1
    MACHINES2CLEAN   SINGLE PHASE 25L DRY INDUSTRIAL VACUUM APPLIANCE    SALES SERVICING HIRE SCOTLAND GLASGOW   KM1 is a dry single-phase vacuum cleaner ideal for vacuuming small quantities of light, fine and clogging dust,  liquids and solids. ..
    £1,385.00 Excl VAT
  • OspreyDC SF Compact (SANITIZING) incl. SF DeCon fogging applicator
    MACHINES2CLEAN SteamForce Compact SANITIZING machine **FOGGING APPLICATOR (£106.42 VAT incl. Pt, No: A03368) IS SUITABLE FOR USE WITH SINGLE PHASE MACHINES FROM THE OSPREYDC RANGE. Introducing the new Fogging Applicator! Compatible with all of our single phase Ste..
    £1,036.00 Excl VAT