FIND HERE when you need a sweeper, hoovering machines at COMPETITIVE PRICES. WIDE-RANGE branded floor cleaning sweeper machines, push or ride-on buy, lease or hire long and short terms available.

Sweepers for dry sweeping dusts and debris, scrubber washer dryers ride-on or walk-behind pedestrian machines available for sale or hire, suited to clean hard-floor areas measuring from 50 - 100,000 sq.m.

Scrubber dryers, sweeper machines, ride-on / pedestrian, steam sanitising hygiene, carpet clean machines, industrial ATEX or wet/dry vacuums, clean large area warehouses, industrial environments, manufacturing, retail superstores, bus depots, train stations and airports.

Steam cleaning machines to clean, and disinfect/sanitise hygienically, commercial/home kitchens, including cooking/storage appliances, shower-rooms, bathrooms fixtures and fittings, tiled areas and car interiors.

Carpet cleaning machines (incl. stairs) for home or commercial floor coverings.

Vacuums wet and/or dry. WET is suited with high reach pole set, to clean gutters, flooding extracting, swimming pools and shower and change rooms vacuuming, on dry, clean dust from high walls or floor areas, warehoused products prior to delivery, inside windows and ledges (outside if wet/dry machine in use) kitchen areas with care.

Vacuums industrial (ATEX) 240V/110V/ single phase / 110V / 3-Phase / air / oil / fuel / battery-powered types) Supreme solutions for quick and efficient maintenance cleaning and hygiene in manufacturing/production automation or confined spaces. 

DEBRIS - Hazardous and non-hazardous materials and debris:-

                                                                                                 Solids: - SWARF, dusts, dry products, wood shavings and dirt.

                                                                                                 Liquids (re-use/disposal): - oils, lubricants & water residues.

Floor buffering/polishing/scrub machines 240V/110V machines various sizes from 12" to 20" slow to ultra-high speeds available, for cleaning, polishing and buffing to high shine, hard floors.


  1. Public Transport.
  2. Defence and Local Government Municipalities and Education.
  3. Pharmaceutical.
  4. Automotive.
  5. Electronics
  6. Hospitality
  7. Parks & Gardens.
  8. Multi-utilities.
  9. Exploration & Production.
  10. Industrial and Heavy Industry.
  11. FM / Contract Cleaners.
  12. Healthcare.
  13. Paper Production.
  14. Glass Production.
  15. OEM Machine Manufacturers.
  16. Textile Production.
  17. Metals Production.
  18. Optics.
  19. Ceramic Production.
  20. Warehouse and Logistics.
  21. Brewers.
  22. Food production/ Retailers & wholesalers.
  23. Drinks production - Distillers & Vintners.
  24. Aviation.
  25. Engineering and Heavy Industry.
  26. Automobile.
  27. Optics.
  28. Construction.
  29. Clothing/Dry cleaning.
  30. Consumer services.
  31. Broadcasting & Entertainment.
  32. Semiconductors.
  33. Delivery services.
  34. Newspaper production.
  35. Hotels and Hospitality.
  36. Financial services.
  37. Residential Areas.
  38. Offices and Public Buildings.
  39. Wood Production.
  40. Plastics and Rubber Production.
  41. Agriculture.

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  • Comac CS80B SWEEPER
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Clean spaces quick and easy up to 30,000 sq/m. CS80 ride-on industrial sweepers is among the most compact in its category. Thanks to the box frame, built around the central brush, with extremely limited dimensions, very robust at the s..
    £9,000.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox Trusweep 460 push sweeper
    MACHINES2CLEAN    SALES SERVICE HIRE Push along sweeper clean inside or outside quickly. Due to its lightweight and robust construction, this sweeper is easy to operate and highly manoeuvrable Picks up Polystyrene, leaves, crisps, cigarette ends and other debris from h..
    £703.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Hire sweeper DAILY WEEKEND OR WEEKLY. Compact manual sweeper for mediumsized surfaces in the home and in the business for inside and outdoor areas. Unlimited use on all floors. Side and main brooms are adjustable. Robust construction for long life. Side brush ..
    £75.00 Excl VAT
  • KS 650 IBC
    Compact sweeping machine with battery drive for quick and dustfree floor cleaning. Easy to handle, high manoeuvrability and effortless. The sidebrush enables cleaning up to the edge, into corners, and even under low overhangs.   Technical Data: Total power 750 W / 12 V ..
    £3,727.44 Excl VAT
  • KS 1100 B
    This compact and robust ride-on sweeper is made for medium and large areas, especially in the inside. The KS 1100 represents simplicity and robustness in its most sophisticated form. The KS1100 is small enough to fit into an elevator, and maneuverable enough to reach the tight corners. The large fil..
    £11,430.51 Excl VAT