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Truvox International is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, based in Southampton, England. From the production of its first electrical polishing machines in the early 1960’s, Truvox has successfully expanded both its product range and its geographic reach to a point where it is now recognised in over 70 countries worldwide. Truvox International has a wide range of well established brands including Orbis rotary burnishersHydromist carpet extractors, Valet vacuumsMultiwash scrubbers and Cimex three brush technology.

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  • Truvox Valet commercial Tub Vacuum (VTVe)
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE High performance commercial tub vacuum.                                                VTVe is a high-performance, compact tub vacuu..
    £155.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox VBPIIe Valet Backpack vacuum
    MACHINES2CLEAN  SALES SERVICE HIRE This A-rated commercial backpack vacuum cleaner is ideal for small areas such as theatres, buses and trains.  WHAT IS THE VBPIIe? A product improvement for 2017, the VBPIIe has been designed to replace the Valet BackPack II to be in line with the..
    £346.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox Wide Area Vacuum (VWAV) 70cm width
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Large carpeted area cleaning, cost effective high productivity. WHAT IS THE VALET WIDE AREA VAC? A powerful wide area vacuum cleaner, with a 70cm cleaning path giving 2.5 times more coverage compared to a typical upright or tub vacuum. Its commercial cleani..
    £3,346.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox HC250 Hydromist Compact all-in-one carpet extraction
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Simple carpet and soft furnishings cleaning. Hydromist Compact (HC250) ALL-IN-ONE SPRAY-INJECTION EXTRACTION machine for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Featuring a powerful built-in rotary brush that lifts dirt from beneath the carpet, the Hydr..
    £1,775.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox Hydromist Lite (HML)
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE Exceptional upholstery spray extraction clean machine. WHAT IS THE HYDROMIST LITE? Entry level carpert upholstery cleaner.                     The Hydromist Lite is an entry level professional carpet ..
    £554.00 Excl VAT
  • Truvox Hydromist 35 (HM35) all-in-one carpet cleaner
    MACHINES2CLEAN   SALES SERVICE HIRE All in one, efficient and simple managing carpet cleaner.. WHAT IS THE HYDROMIST 35?                                    This self-contained pull ba..
    £4,079.00 Excl VAT