Comac is a national and international leader, offering a strong heritage of experience in the production and viability testing and compliance of professional floor cleaning machines.

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  • Comac Simpla 50 bt
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   Simpla 45/50/65. Suitable for maintenance and thorough cleaning of small to medium-sized areas Four models of scrubbing machines: Simpla 45, Simpla 50, Simpla 50S, Simpla 65. Three working widths, with or without traction, to meet different needs in terms of manoeuvra..
    £4,500.00 Excl VAT
  • Comac C85B nsc ride-on scrubber washer dryer
    MACHINES2CLEAN The C85 is priced from £24,000 to £39,000 is a ride-on scrubbing machine characterised by a robust design and “intelligent” soul, capable of revolutionizing the traditional idea of cleaning. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of the most innovative technologies, the user experien..
    £24,000.00 Excl VAT