Vacuum cleaning. Pole/reach set ALUMINIUM friction-fit 5M x 38mm (M2C98162)

Vacuum cleaning. Pole/reach set ALUMINIUM friction-fit 5M x 38mm (M2C98162)

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Vacuum cleaning. Pole/reach set ALUMINIUM friction-fit 5M x 38mm (M2C98162)


Reach cleaning pole FRICTION FIT ratchet system.


  • Low cost solution for vacuuming dust from high and hard to reach areas
  • Includes two straight and one bent 38mm aluminium ratchet extension tubes for reaching up to 18ft (5.5)
  • Friction fit tubes (tubes do not lock together)
  • 200mm Sidewinder dusting brush is perfect for cleaning horizontal and vertical surfaces elevated from the ground
  • If you are wanting to use with 32mm vacuum hose, please purchase our M2C34707 adaptor

Lightweight, ratchet-reach aluminium (aluminum) 38mm J-wand pole 1M extendable in increments up to1.5M, interconnect with other poles in range to increase reach, button press, to extend reach, then lock. Lightweight construction for connecting then lifting to high position for cleaning, suction with vacuum, either free-stand type or back-pack. Inside/internal or outside/external application. Inside, clean cable trays, pipework, upper walls, lights, window ledges, ceiling area, dusts, debris and dirt, insects, spider-webs, etc. Externally, use with wet vacuum, to clean and remove cobwebs, dusts, dirt, debris, leaves from guttering and any high ledges areas.

High reach cleaning vacuum package. Ideal cleaning set for above the floor grates, fixtures and vents. 8 inch dusting brush is the perfect tool for above the floor cleaning. Compatible with all standard backpack vacuums and dry canister vacuums. The "Reach" solution is designed as a compliment to your 1.50"  back pack or tub vacuum for high reach cleaning of horizontal or vertical surfaces up to 15 feet from floor level. The aluminum telescopic 60781 wand extends or contracts at one inch interval accommodating the reach necessary to clean the targeted surface. The 65225 130 degree curved wand allows the pivoting head of the 8" Sidewinder dusting tool to clean 20 Inch-deep elevated horizontal surfaces without the need for a ladder or step stool. The 35009 Sidewinder pivoting head dusting tool is ideal for vents, light fixtures, grate cleaning and emergency lights. A great set for satisfying every day contract cleaning. applications.