From general cleaning and sanitation to heavy duty cleaning and degreasing, OspreyDeepclean offer an unrivalled range of dry steam cleaning equipment capable of tackling the toughest and most difficult cleaning tasks with confidence, by simply harnessing the power of water. Providing our customers with the most efficient, innovative and reliable steam equipment has always been at the core of our R&D criteria as is providing cost effective environmentally friendly equipment.

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  • Osprey Robby 3000 steam cleaner
    MACHINES2CLEAN SALES SERVICE HIRE SCOTLAND UK - POWER OF STEAM Robby 3000 240V steam cleaning machine making cleaning and fresh sanitising simple and effortless for almost any surface, almost anywhere. Environmentally-friendly TAP WATER ONLY, steamer unit, powerful and robust, yet, compact and..
    £425.00 Excl VAT
  • OspreyDC Robby 6000 c/w trolley (UK ONLY)
    Robby 6000 HIRE SALES SERVICE GLASGOW SCOTLAND UK Tough on grime, versatile, top of its game ·Instantly clean and dry many surfaces within home or caravan, kitchen, bathroom, vehicle, soft furnishings, etc saving time and cost without leaving unhygienic residue. ·CLEA..
    £685.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey Robby Steam & Vac
    Robby Steam & Vac   Maintaining good housekeeping hygiene The Robby Steam & Vac is a Hygienic Steam & Vacuum machine and can be used to clean a wide range of environments. Plus, the vacuum does not require a dust bag, but instead uses a water filtration system that eliminat..
    £695.00 Excl VAT
  • OspreyDC SF Compact (SteamForce)
    SteamForce Compact   Ultimate compact steam unit Entry level model of powerful steamforce range harnesses all the power of its larger counterparts inside an incredibly compact yet robust stainless steel body. Features continual operation, simple and clear controls. SteamForce Compact i..
    £930.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey Steam & vac pro incl trolley
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   Steam & Vac Pro   Uniquely Validated, Bactericidal Efficacy This is the ultimate steam and vacuum machine for the healthcare environment.  It features a water filtration system which eliminates dust mites and smells and means there is no require..
    £1,596.00 Excl VAT
  • OspreyDC Provap Evo Vac 240V(M6047) /110V(M6048)
    The Provap Evo Vac cleaning system will ensure your own hygiene and HACCP regulations are not only maintained, but exceeded. Utilising dry steam heated to 175°C, germs and grime will be easily and quickly removed. The integral vacuum will clean up the residue while you steam, kitchen canopies ..
    £3,243.00 Excl VAT