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Cleaning / hygiene machines for commercial and industrial settings. Clean indoor indoor or external yard area with one of our large ride-on sweepers, clean spaces from 50 - 30,000 sq.m.

Varied surfaces: - safety-type, linoleum, plastics, concrete, brick, stone, tile, etc 

Cleaning, sweeping, washing, drying, vacuuming, steam-hygiene, disinfecting and polishing surfaces, helping transform environments clean and safe for staff and welcoming visitors. Call us (01236-782222) to book site survey.

Servicing: - see service page 

SCRUBBER DRYERS (motorised/pedestrian/ride-on) wash sanitise and dry clean commercial/industrial floor areas from 10-30,000 sq/m.

SWEEPERS - (push/motorised/pedestrian/ride-on) sweep clean industrial/commercial floor areas incl. yard (dry days) 10-30,000 sq/m.

SANITISING - (handheld) Sanitise and disinfect touch surfaces home/commercial/industrial.

CARPET CLEAN SPRAY EXTRACTION MACHINES Clean carpets home/commercial/industrial.

INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS (wet and/or dry / ATEX / single phase / 110V / 3-Phase / air / oil / fuel / battery-powered types) Manufacturing/re-use process/guttering/wet production process/water ingress to building.

FLOOR BUFFERS / POLISHERS - 240V / 110V - Clean hard and soft surfaces, safety flooring, concrete, painted - wet scrub clean or polish to a high shine.

HIGH REACH POLE SYSTEMS (vacuum hygiene wood/metals/glass production or at height: racking & stock, gutters and window ledges)

ACCESSORIES/PARTS (vac & drive motors/ PCB's/ squeegee bars/rubbers/ brushes/ pad drives/ wheels/ hoses/ water systems/ brushes/ tooling heads/ scrubbing pads, poles, etc)

Machines2clean help strengthen your competitive position, providing professional and innovative solutions, helping your business manage its hygiene commitments, safeguarding staff and offering a safer environment to work and receive visitors.

Our machine producing partners, offer great value, effective, usable, cleaning, hygiene, sanitising, scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming and polishing machine equipment.

Our aim, as your reliable partner, is to help you, supplying tools that when used effectively, as designed, can assist optimising hygiene, improve productivity and cleaning performance for your area or site as a whole, this can help reduce costs or business operational costs, allowing your business to progress forward, concentrating effort in supporting its customers

SERVICING: Does your business own cleaning/hygiene machines? We welcome your enquiry to price service packages. Maintaining machines' servicing at regular intervals, helps keep costs low, maintain hygiene standards, leading to a safe, more pleasant work-space and experience for staff and welcoming environment for your visitors.

Using our 30+ years' expertise we’ll match your needs and supply the right cleaning machine, for industries including:

  1. Public Transport.
  2. Defence and Local Government Municipalities and Education.
  3. Pharmaceutical.
  4. Automotive.
  5. Electronics.
  6. Hospitality.
  7. Multi-utilities.
  8. Exploration & Production.
  9. Industrial and Heavy Industry.
  10. FM / Contract Cleaners.
  11. Healthcare.
  12. Paper Production.
  13. Glass Production.
  14. OEM Machine Manufacturers.
  15. Textile Production.
  16. Metals Production.
  17. Optics.
  18. Ceramic Production.
  19. Warehouse and Logistics.
  20. Brewers.
  21. Food production/ Retailers & wholesalers.
  22. Drinks production - Distillers & Vintners.
  23. Aviation.
  24. Engineering and Heavy Industry.
  25. Automobile.
  26. Optics.
  27. Construction.
  28. Clothing/Dry cleaning.
  29. Consumer services.
  30. Broadcasting & Entertainment.
  31. Semiconductors.
  32. Delivery services.
  33. Newspaper production.
  34. Hotels and Hospitality.
  35. Financial services.
  36. Offices and Public Buildings.
  37. Wood Production.
  38. Plastics and Rubber Production.
  39. Agriculture.


  • We offer, service/repair support in your area, as part of National Industrial Cleaning Equipment Repairers (N.I.C.E.R) we able to direct you to a dealer/repairer near you.
  • Accessories & parts store (new and used parts and accessories available in excess of £100k value stored).
  • Contract rental options for your business.
  • Site surveys - help define your cleaning/hygiene needs (this service we might be able to offer FREE of charges).
  • Demonstrations/training.
  • Trial periods available.
  • PAT testing cleaning equipment.  

                 Cleaning problem? Machines2clean will do all we can to help you solve!

                                            WE DELIVER.

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  • Comac C85B nsc ride-on scrubber washer dryer
    MACHINES2CLEAN The C85 is priced from £24,000 to £39,000 is a ride-on scrubbing machine characterised by a robust design and “intelligent” soul, capable of revolutionizing the traditional idea of cleaning. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of the most innovative technologies, the user experien..
    £24,000.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE 95L 3,000W WET or DRY industrial hygiene vacuum Wet/dry professional 95L 3,000W vacuum cleaner, easy to use and maintain, robust and offers optimal suction power. LSU family offers modular design with varying tank capacities and moto..
    £548.00 Excl VAT
  • Fimap FE18 INJECTION EXTRACTION (106798)
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Injection extraction carpet cleaning machine 240V. Equipped with injection-extraction nozzle plus 3M suction hose. Fabric covers like new, clean and sanitized. FE18 is an injection-extraction model suitable to clean and remove stain..
    £1,643.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Clean effortlessly, small and cluttered spaces. Try the cleaning ON DEMAND experience: cleaning whenever and wherever you want! Genie XS is the revolutionary scrubbing machine that can easily clean small, cluttered spaces. It's pow..
    £2,386.00 Excl VAT
  • Kevac KM3/90 SINGLE PHASE 240V/90L
    MACHINES2CLEAN SCOTLAND GLASGOW SINGLE PHASE 90L INDUSTRIAL VACUUM SALES SERVICING HIRE You can view SPECIFICATIONS & PRICING, scroll down to CLICK PDF DOWNLOAD. Powerful, silent, robust: Soundproof vacuum units. High output self-cooled motor-turbines. Extra power permits..
    £0.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN       SALES SERVICE HIRE 35L Walk-behind hygiene scrubber dryer, cable (240V) powered. The VIPER AS4335C is walk-behind 240V cable-powered, scrubber dryer built to simplify daily medium-scale floorcare with easy operation, relia..
    £1,537.95 Excl VAT