Osprey DC ROBBY 3000 M0134

Osprey DC ROBBY 3000 M0134

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Osprey DC ROBBY 3000 M0134


Steam hygiene clean, kitchen, shower, bedding and car!

Robby 3000 240V steam cleaning machine making cleaning and fresh sanitising simple and effortless for almost any surface, almost anywhere.

Environmentally-friendly TAP WATER ONLY, steamer unit, powerful and robust, yet, compact and lightweight, producing constant dry vapour to hygienically clean surfaces.

Dry steam cleaning fights the battle against bacteria and viruses on three fronts with thermal and chemical disinfection and decontamination by the mechanical action of surface penetration and extraction to eliminate contaminants.

Simple to use, effortless to manage, a natural-working (water only) solution to improve hygiene, hygienically clean, deodorise (deodorize) sanitise (sanitize) many work surfaces, in your home / shop / facility (health and wellbeing, engineering, distribution, transport, etc):

  • Kitchen: - Microwave, oven, cooker or hob and canopy, fridge, freezer, worktops, sink and taps (limescale or mould), cupboards, tiled walls grouting and flooring area, ceiling, window and doors, almost any surface degreased, cleaned, killing 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Shower-room/bathroom/toilet: - Sanitary-ware, sink or bath, taps (limescale/mould/mold) drawers and storage cupboards surfaces clean the shower appliance, tiled/tiling grouting areas, ceiling, flooring, window area.
  • Bedding / carpets / soft furnishings: - Deodorise and remove stubborn stains on most soft (PATCH TEST) furnishings, carpeting or curtains.
  • Car: - Sanitise(sanitize) clean stubborn stains touch surfaces, clean seats and carpeting, also with care clean engine compartment, around surfaces, keeping clear of electrical parts or moving parts.
  • Workshop: - Clean machinery, work surfaces, touch surfaces.

Save time and money! Osprey Deep Clean steam machines are a force to be reckoned with!

Manual cleaning? Forget it! Save your time and effort.

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