High Reach Kits Floor/Crevice Tools


Safely clean, effect hygiene to elevated/high or confined areas. High reach kits and floor tools, hygiene at height, confined area hygiene, floor hygiene. Extendable pole systems and tools/accessories for easy access to clean difficult to reach areas.

Exposing cleaning staff to risk and attendant liabilities when working at height, from ladders, to provide hygiene to hard to reach areas, in commercial, industrial environment can be reduced by application of Reach Cleaning Systems to your 38mm back-pack vacuum or tank-style commercial vacuum appliance.

High Reach Kits are lightweight, durable and can provide hygiene reach, up to 25ft!

High reach Kit 93125 offers lockable system for ultimate safety, cleaning at height. Eliminate risk of tool or wand falling from height.

Provide hygiene to many different types of surfaces, horizontal, vertical, round, ducting, etc, there's a tool or adaptor wand in the kit to cover almost every situation amd condition. 




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