Home to the familiar face of the Henry vacuum, it’s true to say that you never have to look far to find a Numatic product keeping all industries clean. Whether it be a hotel, hospital, kitchen or public transport, Numatic provide a cleaning solution. A simple formula is the basis of all Numatic Products... Innovation, Quality and Price.

New commercial energy saving vacuums provide “Greener” cleaning to all. Compact floor scrubber dryers and HEPA vacuums are raising the standard in cleaning across the board.

Numatic is the U.K’s largest commercial cleaning equipment manufacturer, continuing to invest and expand their U.K manufacturing facility.

Professional cleaning products packed full of innovation and made right here in the U.K!


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  • Numatic WVD1800AP-2
    The 1800 AP machine is designed to address the needs of specialist operations requiring a continuous collection and discharge of bulk liquid such as salvage work, flood damage, flat roofing, fire services and the like. First and foremost they need a full heavy-duty machine specification with high..
    £978.50 Excl VAT
  • Numatic Industrial Wet Vacs - WVD1800DH-2
    The 70 litre wet pick-up 1800 is not just big in capacity but equally big in performance. When it comes to the rough and tumble of heavy-duty applications, the full Structofoam construction will stand you in good stead; whilst in operation performance is second to none. The power head is full..
    £506.00 Excl VAT
  • Numatic Industrial Wet Vacs - WVD 2000DH-2
    The 2000 wet series is the epitome of heavy duty, Duplex professional machines that have been giving users their best performance for more than 20 years. Like the full range of wets the 2000 series has been enhanced be increased efficiency in terms of wet pickup - working better and quicker than eve..
    £717.50 Excl VAT
  • numatic CT 370-2 carpet cleaner
    There really is nothing quite so useful as a small, compact Cleantec machine that provides the combination of a powered liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up facility... all incorporated in one unit. Mainly used in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery these machines can be equally effective o..
    £300.53 Excl VAT
  • Numatic CT 470-2 carpet cleaner
    The CT-470 is the bigger brother to the 370 with double its capacity for those that need more operational time between filling and emptying to cover larger areas. The power head incorporates the high performance TwinFlo’ bypass motor and Powerflo’ pump system ensuring efficient discharge and liqu..
    £355.99 Excl VAT
  • Numatic  CT570-2 Carpet cleaner
    The 570 series has become the most popular contractors’ extraction cleaner by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design. The full Structofoam construction is designed to take the bangs and bruises that any machine will suffer in true commercial use because that’s what you need - a machi..
    £753.50 Excl VAT