INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS: WET OR DRY, 240V, 110V, 3-PHASE, (ATEX-safety), AIR, OIL, PETROL, OR BATTERY-DRIVEN VACUUMS. Supreme solutions for quick and efficient maintenance cleaning and hygiene in production automation or confined spaces. 

Blue Line series offers great variety of industrial vacuum units suited to many applications, in many types of industries, automated production and heavy industries, also pharmaceutical and clean rooms. High-powered maintenance cleaning, perfect for removing any ambient fumes and extraction of hazardous dusts or liquids from process machinery.

Single phase Blue Line vacuums are multipurpose, powerful, silent, robust and suitable for the vacuuming of light, fine, clogging dust as well as swarf and coolants.

The more powerful Blue Line three phase vacuums are equipped with soundproofing, maintenance-free, three-phase side-channel vacuum units for use in continuous run and have been specifically designed for heavy duty industrial vacuuming.

KOIL single phase and three phase vacuums are used in the removal of coolant, oil and swarf from metalwork machine tool sumps. They have been specifically designed for macro-separation of liquids from swarf and to return filtered liquids for re-use, disposal, or transfer back to stock.

Blue Line non-electric vacuums include three different power supply types:

compressed air driven vacuums are suitable for heavy duty industrial cleaning operations and sequential vacuuming on processing/manufacturing machines, or work in areas with a potential risk of explosion.

endothermic engine and battery series both being compact, very stable and easy to handle, are ideal for any application where an electric supply is unavailable.

Range of models from 0.4 to 25kW ATEX and L-M-H filtration certification.

Explosion-proof / ATEX (certificate issued by INERIS)


Workplace hygiene, with an industrial vacuum, helps prevent slips, trips and fall accidents.

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  • Kevac KH2236.022 25L Three Phase
    KEVAC KH2236.022 25L Three Phase SALE SERVICE HIRE SCOTLAND GLASGOW KH2236.022 25L industrial vacuum 3phase ATEX ZONE 22 IP65 Conductive dust You can view SPECIFICATIONS & PRICING, scroll down to CLICK PDF DOWNLOAD. ·       Applications: 1.  ..
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