Fimap Genie B scrubber dryer

Fimap Genie B scrubber dryer

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Fimap Genie B scrubber dryer


Genie scrubbing machine is ideal for cleaning floor interiors, small and cluttered spaces with a surface area of less than 1,000 sq.m., such as: offices, restaurants, bars, wellness centres, hair salons, boutiques, laundrettes, school classrooms, medical and dental clinics, veterinary clinics, chemist's, rest homes, theatres, kitchens, workshops, supermarkets, butcher's shops, train stations, subway stations, airports, homes, hotels, etc. 

It's the perfect scrubbing machine for cleaning small surfaces that are currently being cleaned manually. Genie is revolutionary because it automates manual cleaning systems, thus ensuring considerable savings for the user.

Genie scrubbing model is available in both electrical (Genie E) and battery (Genie B) version, while the sweeping model, with its 2 cylindrical brushes, is available in the battery version alone.

Equipped with 12V battery, charger and brush PPL 0.6 squeegee fitted as standard.

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