Machines2clean SALE SERVICE HIRE is proud to be Scotland’s leading sales agent for Fimap cleaning machines. We can offer and deliver throughout Scotland, both new and used machines, to help you clean and make presentable, commercial/industrial areas measuring from 50 – 30,000 sq.m.

Machine types:

  • Scrubber washer-dryers, ride-on and pedestrian, including machines to sanitise and clean high and low surfaces to combat, Covid-19 and other viruses.
  • Sweepers (dry), ride-on and pedestrian types to clean inside and outside. 
  • Sanitising machines - safe-sanitising/disinfecting touch surfaces. 
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning and drying machines.

Machines2clean with Fimap, help strengthen your competitive position, providing professional and innovative solutions, to help your business manage hygiene commitments, safeguarding staff and offering a safer place for everyone.

Great value, effective, usable, cleaning, hygiene, sanitising, scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming machine equipment designed by Fimap, Italy.

As your reliable partner, our aim is to help supply you tools, that if used effectively and as designed, can assist, optimising hygiene and cleaning performance and productivity for your site, helping reduce business operational costs. Your business is then able to get moving and concentrate on supporting its customers.

Does your business own cleaning/hygiene machines? We welcome being asked to present our price for service packages. Servicing cleaning machines regularly, helps keep costs low, helps maintain hygiene standards, leading to, a safe, more pleasant work-space and experience for staff and welcoming environment for your visitors.

Fimap founded on March 25th 1988 has become a firm presence in this sector, with a continuous and constant growth trend. Massimiliano Ruffo (CEO) has been heading the company since 1994, at the outset, offering only, 5 dealers, now there are over 100 dealers worldwide. Growth has been fast and constant and in just over a decade, Fimap has managed to evolve into one of the most important companies in its field. Fimap is currently present, internationally, in over 70 countries. The main goal for Fimap and its dealers, is customer satisfaction, Fimap offer this through:

  • Develop cutting edge design products
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
  • Value over time
  • Respect the environment

We provide services to industries including:

  1. Public Transport.
  2. Defence and Local Government Municipalities and Education.
  3. Pharmaceutical.
  4. Automotive.
  5. Electronics
  6. Hospitality
  7. Parks & Gardens.
  8. Multi-utilities.
  9. Exploration & Production.
  10. Industrial and Heavy Industry.
  11. FM / Contract Cleaners.
  12. Healthcare.
  13. Paper Production.
  14. Glass Production.
  15. OEM Machine Manufacturers.
  16. Textile Production.
  17. Metals Production.
  18. Optics.
  19. Ceramic Production.
  20. Warehouse and Logistics.
  21. Brewers.
  22. Food production/ Retailers & wholesalers.
  23. Drinks production - Distillers & Vintners.
  24. Aviation.
  25. Engineering and Heavy Industry.
  26. Automobile.
  27. Optics.
  28. Construction.
  29. Clothing/Dry cleaning.
  30. Consumer services.
  31. Broadcasting & Entertainment.
  32. Semiconductors.
  33. Delivery services.
  34. Newspaper production.
  35. Hotels and Hospitality.
  36. Financial services.
  37. Residential Areas.
  38. Offices and Public Buildings.
  39. Wood Production.
  40. Plastics and Rubber Production.
  41. Agriculture.

                    Cleaning problem? Machines2clean will do all we can to help you solve!

                                            WE DELIVER.

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  • Fimap iMx Bt scrubber dryer
    Mx scrubbing machine is suitable for maintenance cleaning of areas from 1000 to 1800 sq.m. It is available in battery version with semi-automatic or automatic traction, with one single brush of 51 cm. It is the ideal solution for those who look for a machine with low maintenance costs and hig..
    £2,752.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE professional choice for vacuuming carpets. The best solution for the vacuuming of carpet floors The upright vacuum cleaner UP36 is ideal for the daily vacuuming of carpets and fabrics. Compact 36cm width perfect for smaller, busy..
    £468.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Professional choice for vacuuming carpets  The best solution for the vacuuming of carpet floors The upright vacuum cleaner UP46 is ideal for the daily vacuuming of carpets and fabrics. Width is 46 cm, to clean also wide..
    £584.00 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Injection extraction carpet cleaning machine Fabric covers like new, clean and sanitized. FE18 is an injection-extraction model suitable to clean and remove stains from textile surfaces, upholstery and carpets. At the end of the cleani..
    £1,564.60 Excl VAT
    MACHINES2CLEAN      SALES SERVICE HIRE Clean easily, quickly, no effort, wee cluttered spaces Try the cleaning ON DEMAND experience: cleaning whenever and wherever you want! Genie XS is the revolutionary scrubbing machine that can easily clean small, cluttered spaces. I..
    £2,272.00 Excl VAT
    Machines2clean      SALES SERVICE HIRE Genius cleaning and drying in small places Genie, the genius of small environments. Equipped with a parabolic squeegee, it provides the best hygiene in any situation. It's the perfect scrubbing machine for cleaning small surfaces..
    £2,374.70 Excl VAT