Nilfisk CFM recognises customers’ power of choice, and is 100% committed to be the preferred choice for industrial vacuum cleaners.

Nilfisk and its dealers accomplish this task by empowering customers with information and tools needed to make the safe choice during the purchasing process of, the Nilfisk CFM vacuum that is best for them. Nilfisk and its dealers recognise the numerous risks that companies take, every time they purchase, new equipment that their employees must use and maintain to carry out their operations safely and effectively. Therefore, we are committed to being the safe choice, guaranteeing a level of quality and service that is unmatched in the industry.

When it comes to purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner, the safe choice is the best choice.

We offer a complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners and explosion-proof vacuum cleaners that meet or exceed NRTL standards. Additionally, we offer a team of experts ready to support all your cleaning challenges. Our team members are committed to understanding your unique application and recommending the best vacuum solution. We are the only industrial vacuum manufacturer with a nationwide factory-trained direct support network (Machines2clean) who will visit your facility to assess your application, make a recommendation to meet YOUR needs, and be there to support you after the sale has been made.

Machines2clean SALES SERVICE HIRE.

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  • Nilfisk Gm 80p
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM Vacuum cleaner for users needing great suction power and ease of use. That is Nilfisk-CFM GM80!   GM80P is light in weight, but heavy-duty performer. Mounted on a strong steel trolley with large rubber wheel, the machine is easy to manoeuvre. Ideal for e.g. pr..
    £397.31 Excl VAT
  • Nilfisk hds 1005
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM Nilfisk HDS1005 represents the ideal choice for commercial cleaning tasks. It is thereby the good choice for daily cleaning of carpets and hard floors in hotels, restaurants, offices, recreational facilities and building lobbies.   The powerful high specification H..
    £343.81 Excl VAT
  • Nilfisk GD 930
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   Nilfisk GD 930 is a world class dry vacuum cleaner for effective daily cleaning of large areas. GD 930 is the reliable, rugged and stable choice for demanding cleaning applications in hotels, schools, offices and hospitals.   Shhhhhh!! For even quieter op..
    £415.78 Excl VAT
  • nilfisk VP 300 ECO
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM The Nilfisk VP300 Eco is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable unit that can be relied upon to do the job day in day out. It is ideal for cleaning offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets, and similar light to medium duty applications.   As with all Nilfisk machines..
    £153.16 Excl VAT
  • nilfisk VP 300 HEPA
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM The Nilfisk VP300 HEPA is the latest member of the VP300 series of basic commercial vacuum cleaners, suitable for everyday cleaning of light to medium duty applications such as offices, hotel rooms, retail stores, etc.         As with all Ni..
    £162.82 Excl VAT
  • Nilfisk UZ 964
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   UZ964 Commercial Vacuum   The obvious choice for vacuum cleaning in theatres, cinemas, shops and coaches and a great complementary duster. UZ 964 ERGOCLEAN makes cleaning in hard-to-navigate places easy. UZ 964 ERGOCLEAN rests comfortably on operator's hi..
    £630.12 Excl VAT