Steam cleaners

Machines2clean is able to support business in its provision for cleaning machine hire, long or short terms.

We have stock and can offer:

Scrubber dryer and dry-sweeping ride-on and walk-behind machines, suited to clean hard-floor areas measuring from 50 - 100,000 sq.m.

Steam cleaning machines, suited for cleaning industrial/commercial kitchens, shower-rooms, bathrooms, soft furnishings, car interiors and engines.

Carpet clean machines, suited to clean home and commercial floor coverings.

Wet/dry vacuums suited to clean, coupled with high reach kit, guttering, also for general debris and liquids removal.

Industrial and ATEX vacuums suited for managing industrial processes, OEM, pharmaceutical, automotive, wood production, glass, optics and more

Floor buffering/polishing/scrub machines 240V/110V machines various sizes from 12" to 20" slowto ultra high speeds available, to clean, polish and buff hard floor areas.


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  • Osprey Robby Jewel
    Robby Jewel   Small Body, Mighty Steam Our single fill steam cleaner gives you quality steam and great value for money. Simple and reliable, it does the job you need it to do, day after day! Removes lime scale and stains from sinks, washbasins, bath & toilets. Cleans and sanitiz..
    £0.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey Robby 3000 steam cleaner
    Robby 3000 HIRE SALES SERVICE GLASGOW SCOTLAND UK Robust, reliable and tough on grime ·Instantly clean and dry many surfaces within home or caravan, kitchen, bathroom, vehicle, soft  furnishings, etc saving time and cost without leaving unhygienic residue. ·CLEAN, DEGREASE..
    £0.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey DEEP CLEAN Robby 6000
    Robby 6000 HIRE SALES SERVICE GLASGOW SCOTLAND UK Tough on grime, versatile, top of its game ·Instantly clean and dry many surfaces within home or caravan, kitchen, bathroom, vehicle, soft    furnishings, etc saving time and cost without leaving unhygienic resi..
    £0.00 Excl VAT
  • Osprey Robby Steam & Vac
    Robby Steam & Vac   Maintaining good housekeeping hygiene The Robby Steam & Vac is a Hygienic Steam & Vacuum machine and can be used to clean a wide range of environments. Plus, the vacuum does not require a dust bag, but instead uses a water filtration system that eliminat..
    £0.00 Excl VAT
  • SteamForce Compact
    SteamForce Compact   Ultimate compact steam unit This entry level model of the powerful steamforce range harnesses all the power of its larger counterparts inside an incredibly compact yet robust stainless steel body.  It features continual operation delivered using simple and cle..
    £1,200.00 Excl VAT
  • GumCart & Trolley
    GumCart & Trolley   Any gum, any place, any time Compact and transportable, the Provap Gumcart offers the best system on the market, so if you have a gum problem you can now tackle it with confidence.  The steam is super-heated to 180°C (nominal) and delivered at 7.0 bar press..
    £2,700.00 Excl VAT