Machines suited for all types of floors, all sizes and surface types including carpet, ideally suited for both domestic use, for cleaning and presenting large industrial spaces.

Mirage offers a range of walk-behind scrubbing machines, models: 250.300, 400, 500 and 600 widths, these all, 240V, usability of machine is simple to manage, design and functionality is simple, offers superior build quality and long-lasting components, so easy to use and manage.

The New Handy 360 battery-powered pedestrian scrubber-dryer, offers game-changing operation: the operator can, during passing, by simple operation, switch the 360's brush from one side to the other, allowing machine to clean both sides of the floor surface, switching is, a simple action.

Mirage offers also, scrubber-dryers with larger, increased capacities, heavier for a deep-down clean result on your surfaces, these walk-behind/pedestrian types, are offered, 240V or battery, like the Crystal 495 or Spinning 490.

Escalator cleaning, Mirage can offer, the Miragescalator, to facilitate the scrubbing and drying cleaning of escalators and treadmills.

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