Fimap Genie E Scrubber dryer

Fimap Genie E Scrubber dryer

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Fimap Genie E Scrubber dryer

Floor cleaning machine for interiors lightweight, compact, small, 240V, pedestrian/walk-behind / scrubbing / washing / cleansing / dusting / sponging / polishing / buffering / drying / mopping / absorbing / hoovering / hard-floor washer / spillage drier / cleaning implement. SALE SERVICE HIRE

Genie is a small walk behind scrubbing machine

ideal for easy automation of mop cleaning systems.
Genie is available in mains 240V or battery-powered versions


Genie E is a disc-brush battery-powered 240V, powered, walk-behind, pedestrian, floor scrubber dryer machine, perfect for cleaning, hard-surfaces, plastic, concrete, tile and wood, making easy and simple automation of manual cleaning systems.

The results are immediately visible: cleaning times and operating costs are dramatically reduced.

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