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Fimap E-SPRAY disinfect viruses - electrostatic sanitising sprayer.


E-Spray is a professional gun sprayer, using the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly onto your touch surfaces.


E-Spray is lightweight and comfortable to use, powered by lithium battery, allowing you to carry out hygienization for several hours, cableless, freely and anywhere, without limits! Solution is sprayed very small and light drops, for reaching every point for treating the of the targeted area, effectively. Through the electrostatic charge, drops are attracted by the targeted surface and while laying down, they so create, a sanitizing coating.

Electrostatic hygienization allows your coat a surface quickly, evenly with sanitizing solution.


The electrostatic applicator provides an electrical charge to the solution. The charged molecules repel each other, so keeping, even distance, and at same time, be attracted to the surface to be treated. The attraction therefore ensures all solution particles, settle on the surface, thus creating a 360-degree coverage, without leaving out any areas.

Germs and bacteria are very quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots.


Disinfecting effectively by hand takes a very long time and requires prohibitive costs. In addition, there are many areas that are difficult to disinfect properly, such as computer keyboards and telephones in offices, or checkouts in supermarkets or shops.

An electrostatically charged spray from E-SPRAY reaches the entire targeted area evenly, right down to the most hidden points. The cloud of charged particles completely envelops the surface and sanitizes every part.