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  • Osprey Steam & vac pro
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   Steam & Vac Pro   Uniquely Validated, Bactericidal Efficacy This is the ultimate steam and vacuum machine for the healthcare environment.  It features a water filtration system which eliminates dust mites and smells and means there is no require..
    £1,395.00 Excl VAT
  • SteamForce Compact
    SteamForce Compact   Ultimate compact steam unit This entry level model of the powerful steamforce range harnesses all the power of its larger counterparts inside an incredibly compact yet robust stainless steel body.  It features continual operation delivered using simple and cle..
    £1,200.00 Excl VAT
  • GumCart & Trolley
    GumCart & Trolley   Any gum, any place, any time Compact and transportable, the Provap Gumcart offers the best system on the market, so if you have a gum problem you can now tackle it with confidence.  The steam is super-heated to 180°C (nominal) and delivered at 7.0 bar press..
    £2,700.00 Excl VAT
  • SteamForce Eco
    SteamForce Eco   The little machine with the big steam As the entry level model on the industrial range, it punches well above its weight providing not only superb dry steam output, but continuous refill and external detergent facility.   The steam volume can be easily regula..
    £1,950.00 Excl VAT
  • SteamForce 3
    SteamForce 3   The ultimate professional steam unit Compact yet tough with a robust stainless steel body, the single phase SteamForce 3 is a force to be reckoned with!  It is our most popular model within the SteamForce range as it can be put to use in a wide variety of environmen..
    £3,000.00 Excl VAT
  • SteamForce 6
    SteamForce 6   A small unit that packs a BIG punch! Ideal for small-medium manufacturing & engineering environments the 3 phase SteamForce 6 unit delivers an impressive 150 grams of steam per minute.  It features a continuous boiler refill and an industrial quality steam socke..
    £5,775.00 Excl VAT