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  • CFM 127
    Industrial Vacuums - CFM 127 Singlephase industrial dust vacuum supplied with two independent and self-ventilated 1,000 Watt motors. The outlet air is conveyed downwards where it will not disturb the operator. Excellent for general cleaning purposes. ..
    £1,460.00 Excl VAT
  • CFM 137
    Industrial Vacuums - CFM 137 The structure of this vacuum is compact and complete, with a power rating of up to 3,000 Watt. It is also able to clean up liquids. It is used with success in all sectors, from metal-working to ceramics and food industries. The singlephase vacuu..
    £1,880.00 Excl VAT
  • CFM SOL2000
    Industrial Vacuums - CFM SOL 2000 The singlephase model CFM SOL 2000 comes from the requirements of the mechanical industry and is projected in order to vac every type of material maintaining the vacuum efficiency constant in the time. The SOL 2000 is able to vac solid, oi..
    £2,000.00 Excl VAT
  • CFM SOL3000
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   Industrial Vacuums - CFM SOL 3000 The singlephase CFM SOL 3000 is the most powerful of the CFM SOL series: three independent motors, 3000 watt power, 100 litres container and external manual filtershaker. SOL 3000 particularly is projected for m..
    £2,250.00 Excl VAT
  • CFM 3508
    MACHINES2CLEAN.COM   ustrial Vacuums - CFM 3508 Password: modularity and safety. The new CFM model 3508 born after more than 25 years of experience. New electronic parts, new manual filtershaker, large wheels to move better the machine, reduced noise level and numer..
    £3,280.00 Excl VAT