Fimap FSR MICRO-sweeper

Fimap FSR MICRO-sweeper

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Fimap FSR MICRO-sweeper



With FSR Fimap presents a new way of designing the sweeping machine making it compact, versatile, eco-friendly and extremely productive with very low consumptions, also thanks to the production of the Hybrid version. 

The ride on FSR sweeping machine is available in two versions, the FSR B battery powered, suitable for cleaning areas up to 8,000 sq. m. and the FSR Hybrid, powered by a combination of a gasoline motor with batteries, suitable for cleaning floors up to 15,000 sq. m. The Hybrid version offers 7.5 non-stop working hours and is ideal for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas: the gasoline motor can be used for outdoor cleaning while the quietness and emission free power of the electrical motor is perfect for indoor cleaning.
The battery version (FSR B) is able to work for 4 non-stop hours with only one energy charge and its outstanding quietness makes it suitable for indoor cleaning giving excellent results also on carpet floors.

FSR Hybrid
The autonomy of the gasoline engine meets the clean energy of the battery power, giving several advantages:

- Up to 7.5 non-stop working hours
- Very low consumptions and great autonomy: up to 40,000 sq. m. with a full tank of gasoline
- Very silent
- More than 4 hours with zero emissions when electrically powered
- Up to 69% CO2 reduction
- Dramatic time reduction for battery charge
- Possibility to work indoors and outdoors with great versatility
- High reliability
- Low maintenance costs

Standard technologies

  • Fimap Energy Saver
  • iD – Intelligent Drive
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    Energy efficiency
  • up to 4 h
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
FIMAP - affordable cleaning

Discover the characteristics that will help you to save

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning User Friendly
    Enjoy the pleasure to have everything under control thanks to the steering wheel engineered to offer ergonomics and an easy drive without distractions. The machine design ensures full visibility during work and makes the interaction with the machine comfortable and gratifying.
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning User Friendly
    The lowered footboard and the access from both sides make it very comfortable, and the operator can easily sit without any efforts.
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning User Friendly
    The 65 liters debris hopper is very easy to remove and empty, with no efforts.
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning User Friendly
    The central brush can be taken off without any tools
  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Productivity
    FSR is available with panel filter, for standard operations, or with cloth filter to achieve excellent filtering results also in environments with high presence of very fine dust.
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